Dance Pawty + Teaching Your Pup “Calm On Cue” = Best Game Ever!


We’re always looking for fun activities to do with our dogs and LOVE when they’re enriching too! Here’s a fun thing to do today that will help you teach your pup to calm on cue!

Step 1:

Start by doing something silly, like dancing or waving your arms around and laughing! Keep doing it until your dog joins in (let your dog do whatever they want during this exercise. Jumping and barking are ok!).

Step 2:

Abruptly stop and freeze and wait for your dog to calm down and offer you a behavior like sit or down (or anything that appears calm!). Once your dog has offered this, begin your silly dance again (this is the reward!). You can begin again by saying “Let’s Dance!”.

Step 3:

When you’re ready to slow down, stop and then ask your pup for that nice behavior. You can use the cue “settle.” Once your pup complies, begin the silly dance again and repeat. Be aware that it may take a bit of time, but after a few practices, your pup should begin to calm down and offer you the desired behavior as soon as you freeze from your silly dance.

Step 4:

To keep things interesting, vary the things you do during your “silly time.” If your pup is extra excitable (you are not a tug toy!), then begin with a milder version of silly, like just a few steps in a circle. You can build up to more wild as your pup gets the game. This game teaches your pup self control, something that all dogs need, and it’s super fun to show your friends just how well trained your pup is! Dance and calm on command? Yes please! Note that this game should always be played with adults; never let kids do it alone.

Step 5:

Play this game a few times a day. Vary your silly dances and times to keep your pup on their toes!

“The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.”
— Robert Falcon Scott

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