Glee’s Joy Tour - What We Learned in Cleveland, Chicago & St. Louis

The first three stops on our Joy Tour Across America with Glee were in Cleveland, Chicago & St. Louis. In each city, we've been situating ourselves with Glee in populated areas in order to maximize encounters with residents of the cities. When someone spots Glee (or our poster asking whether someone wants to cuddle with a Golden Retriever), they come over and we start to talk about Glee and dogs generally. In each conversation, we try to ask people "How Do Dogs Help Us Live Our Best Lives?”

What has stuck out from each encounter is the openness that dogs inevitably bring out in people. How often does an encounter with someone you've never met turn into a heartfelt conversation about deep emotions? The answer, for us, is rarely if ever. But with dogs as the focal point of our interactions, we were able to have conversations with strangers about deep and personal issues, such as how dogs have helped people live through trauma and pain. Whether it was outside Progressive Field in Cleveland, Daley Plaza in Chicago or the Arch in St. Louis, what bound people together regardless of where they were from was their shared love of and connection with dogs. It was a special realization that helped affirm one of the core reasons for setting out on our tour: that dogs can unite us.


Glee’s Joy Tour - Why We're Doing It

We started Goldn in order to elevate the human experience through our dogs – by learning from them to better ourselves. Glee, our exuberant and joyful Golden Retriever, is the inspiration behind Goldn. She came into our lives and showed us how much more we could be as people. Her natural openness and empathy, in stark contrast to the national mood at the time, made us feel that our dogs could be a guiding force in helping to better ourselves and the way people interact. Goldn was born out of this idea. It seeks to help people deepen their bond with their dogs, enrich their lives through practical guidance and activities, and give their dogs the best possible care.

The transformative nature of our pups is not limited to the dog-pawrent relationship, however; we feel that all people, even those who don’t have a dog, can benefit from the positive power of our pups. And that transformative nature is needed now more than ever, as our nation has seen increasing levels of anxiety, tech addiction, stress, and negativity. Dogs have the ability to alleviate these issues and imbue society with joy and positivity.

That’s why we set out on our Joy Tour Across The Nation. We’re traveling from sea to shining sea with Glee to meet with people across the country, spread positivity, and spark conversation about how dogs can help us live our best lives.

We hope you’ll follow along. Welcome to our journey!

Jen, Jared and Glee